What is the condition of your company capital?

Our mobile data services provides insight in to the processes within your company.

Driver Behaviour


How do you affect the efficiency of your capital?

Monitoring driver behavior gets you the desired results.



The average lease car is 88% of the time immobile.

With intelligent data exchange your mobility efficiency will raise up to 100%.

Prior to effective change, you need to have control over your processes. 


If you are working with innovative techniques, confidence is an element which cannot be ignored. We are successful because we put the needs of our customers above, at any time. [...]

We innovate

Where track & trace ends, begins a new interesting challenge for us.

V-tron is looking forward and wants to make a difference in the distribution of a shared society.

V-tron is at the leading edge because we count on your demand. We can’t get more up to date, you are the one in the driving seat. [...]